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LaTice started sewing clothing in 1976, but after 30 years she decided she wanted to try something new.

So…in 2009 she began quilting and embroidering, not knowing that she had embarked on a journey to her passion.  Clothing is so rule based and required thing to be done in a certain order and by specific rules.  She felt restricted without the flexibility to do things in her own way.  


She started embroidering after inheriting her mother’s sewing machine which included an embroidery unit.  She decided to learn how to use it, and the rest is creative history.  She later took up quilting. 


Quilting is freedom to create with little to no rules.  A quilt can be what the quilter imagines…beautiful mistakes and all.  It is all part of the creative.  She has been able to have fun while increasing her knowledge and skill level.  


LaTice has spent 27 years as a nurse at Veterans Hospital, and the last 16 years of that as a R.N.  She finds that quilting and embroidery is a way for her to relax.  Her advice is simple, “Don’t be afraid to try other crafts to get creative relief.  When I quilt, I choose the designs based on how I feel on that day and at that time.  It’s all about having fun.

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